People Think Trump's Feuding With "Hamilton" To Distract You From This Other Stuff

"Don't let Trump bury his fraud case with this Hamilton noise. This is what he does every damn time."

Mike Pence attended a Broadway performance of Hamilton Friday night, and was met with widespread boos from the audience. Afterward, a member of the cast spoke directly to Pence from the stage.

Tonight, VP-Elect Mike Pence attended #HamiltonBway. After the show, @BrandonVDixon delivered the following stateme…

“We, sir — we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us,” said actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr.

“We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us,” Dixon said. “This is one American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds, and orientations.”

The audience broke into applause following the speech.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump responded on Twitter, saying the vice president-elect was "harassed" by the cast of Hamilton and demanding an apology:

Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen!

Trump again demanded the cast apologize to Pence on Sunday morning, while calling the show "highly overrated."

The cast and producers of Hamilton, which I hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior

Dixon, who gave the speech, responded to Trump, saying "conversation is not harassment," and expressed appreciation that Pence listened.

@realDonaldTrump conversation is not harassment sir. And I appreciate @mike_pence for stopping to listen.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show's creator and original star, said he was proud of Dixon and the cast "for leading with love."

Proud of @HamiltonMusical. Proud of @BrandonVDixon, for leading with love. And proud to remind you that ALL are welcome at the theater.

He also said he was "proud to remind you that ALL are welcome at the theater."

And Javier Muñoz, the show's current lead, retweeted a fan's tweet to Pence that Muñoz is a "proud, gay, HIV+ man."


Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington, said the cast makes him "so very proud."

Proud of my @HamiltonMusical peeps. Y'all make me So Very proud.

In response to widespread criticism of the booing, Josh Gad, former star of Book of Mormon, said "this is what happens when you run on a platform of hate."

As a member of the theater community, I have a message I feel compelled to share re: @HamiltonMusical

In a separate tweet demanding an apology, Trump also said the theater should "always be a safe and special place."

The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

Hours later, Trump continued to tweet about the incident calling it "very rude and insulting." He deleted the tweet minutes later.

Many have been mocking this sentiment, comparing it to frequent condemnation of "safe spaces" by conservatives.

Look at these pathetic snowflakes with their demands for safe spaces.

Donald Trump asking for safe spaces because Mike Pence got booed is the most meta thing yet.

Trump and Pence want safe spaces. Need those adult coloring books at Trump Tower asap.

But other people said the entire feud was a classic Trump move to distract people from bigger concerns, such as the $25 million settlement of the Trump University case and Ivanka Trump, who may soon be running his businesses, sitting in on a meeting with the Japanese prime minister.

Hamilton feud is a distraction from Trump U fraud case, backgrounds of cabinet picks, conflict of interest concerns

Trump sends Pence to Hamilton so we stop freaking out about Ivanka's meeting w/ Japan's Prime Minister. See how easy it is to manipulate us?

Don't let Trump bury his fraud case with this Hamilton noise. This is what he does every damn time. Stop letting him get away with it.

If I'd just settled a $25 million fraud suit, I'd probably be pretty happy if the news the next morning focused on my associate being booed

Sending Pence to Hamilton to take the focus away from Ivanka and the Japan PM is Trump's entire campaign in a nutsh…

Trump tries to blow up the Hamilton intervention to distract from his $25m settlement on Trump University.

Don't let Trump's thin-skinned Hamilton tweet distract from: - Trump U fraud case - Racist WH, NSA, AG appointments - "Stay to play" scandal

(Read about the so-called "'stay to play scandal" here).

Hamilton cast has every right to use their freedom of speech. But be aware that sending Pence is a ploy to distract from bigger news #Resist

2. Trump is tweeting about Hamilton because he wants you to focus on Hamilton and not the bigots he's placing at the highest levels of gov't

Twitter 100% sure Trump using boo-gate to intentionally distract from something; but so much crazy shit going down no one can agree on what!

"Mr. Trump, a lot of people are talking about your Trump University settlement" "Send Mike to see Hamilton, that'll distract 'em"

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