Trump Fans Are Making A "Statement" To Starbucks By Ordering With Trump's Name

"If they refuse, take video."

Trump supporters are ordering Starbucks under Trump's name to make a "statement" to the coffee company.

The trend was apparently started by Twitter user @bakedalaska on Thursday. Since then, many supporters have ordered "Trump cups" and shared them online.

This alleged incident only sparked more cups. "If we want Trump written on our cups don't call the cops! Feel free to boycott Starbucks after this," one woman wrote.

If we want Trump written on our cups don't call the cops! Feel free to boycott Starbucks after this. Even Kanye wa…

A spokesperson for Starbucks told BuzzFeed News they do not require baristas to write or call out customer names.

"Over the years, writing customer names on cups and calling out their names has been a fun ritual in our stores," the spokesperson said. "Rarely has it been abused or taken advantage of. We hope and trust that our customers will continue to honor that tradition."

This isn't the first time Trump supporters have spoken out against the coffee giant.

On the other hand, many people are pointing out that buying Starbucks coffee to protest Starbucks doesn't seem like the most well-thought-out protest.

Ah yes, the rarely seen protest strategy of giving a company your money to show you don't support them.

Y'all are protesting buying Starbucks? Y'all are new to this protest thing, huh

Attention #TrumpCup crew - wearing a diaper to Starbucks owns the Libs even harder!!!! And buy like 10 coffees, to really show em!!!!!

Buying lots of Starbucks will sure show Starbucks

The creator of the trend later wrote on Twitter that he didn't consider the movement a "protest," but a statement.

"America loves Starbucks and we used [Starbucks] as an example as how we want to make America great again and show respect for our president and our country," he wrote in part.

And, of course, some people are just trolling now.

Told barista to write "Trump", got this instead. I'm gonna boycott Starbucks & go back every day & try this again t…

The only rule was Trump had to be on it, right? My #Trumpcup

This isn't the first time this week Trump supporters have made headlines in Starbucks. A Florida man went viral on Wednesday after he berated a black Starbucks employee for what he called "anti-white discrimination."

#trump supporter in #miami @Starbucks attacks & threatens patrons & staff bc coffee took too long, blames anti-whit…

A witness said the man was angry that his order took too long.

The man told the Miami Herald he had "had a bad day" and has since apologized to the employee, though he later said he was "racially discriminated against" and may sue Starbucks.