People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over How Close The Race Is

"Chances of me having a heart attack in the next couple hours: too close to call."

With the election looking incredibly close, people are starting to lose their goddamn minds.

I feel personally attacked by this election right now

The back and forth is just too much to bear.


There's no way it should be this close. Half of me wants to vomit right now... the other half of me wants to chug a drano milkshake.

"Hillary is in the lead" "Trump is in the lead" "Hillary is in the lead again" "Trump is back in the lead"…

"Too close to call" has quickly become the worst collection of words we've ever heard.

The difference between “too close to call” and “too early to call” is the difference between looking for a Xanax and looking for a beer.

Chances of me having a heart attack in the next couple hours: Too close to call.

Reality is setting in.

When you thought Donald trump was a joke but you realize he might become president. #ElectionNight

We're all gonna vom.

Is it possible to have acid reflux, an asthma attack, AND break out into hives at the same time? So stressed

Is this the last season of America?

I feel like I'm watching a season finale of our country IM SHOOK

RIP our sanity.

This election is going back and forth from USA to United States of Anxiety real quick......

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