This Guy Handwrote His Girlfriend The Entire "Bee Movie" Script For Christmas

This is what true love looks like.

Meet Conner Fastenau and Nicole Dudley, freshmen at Baylor University and a self-declared "pretty meme-y" couple.

It was then that Fastenau was struck by an idea, and got to work on this card:

And yep, "inner me" won out:

He mailed his masterpiece to Dudley's home in Kansas City, and she instantly fell apart laughing.

How to write your girlfriend a christmas card:

"She was, ‘Oh my god, I’m literally dead, I can’t stop laughing,'" he said. "She said she had to explain it to her mom, too."

People on Twitter are pretty much in love with the card (and Fastenau):

gotta get me a man like this

the bar has been set even higher, gentlemen

Conner Fastenau

Fastenau said making the card ended up being completely worth it for how much it made his girlfriend laugh.

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