People Can't Stop Laughing Over This Guy's Ridiculous Half Marathon Photo

Oh yeah, and he still got his best finishing time ever.

Meet Cole Murphy-Hockett.

Cole Murphy-Hockett / Via Instagram: @coleym0ley

The Brooklyn-based 27-year-old medical student recently ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Only two or three miles into the race, the worst thing happened: He got a nosebleed.

“I thought it was a runny nose, but then I wiped it on my sleeve and saw that it was bloody and was like, shit, this is not an opportune time for this!” Murphy-Hockett told BuzzFeed.

So he popped into the medical tent, rolled some gauze into a nose plug, and just kept running.

Gameface Media / Via

“It kind of sucked not being able to breathe out of my nose, but it was fine," he said. "I finished the race and got the best time I’ve ever gotten."

Murphy-Hockett said he ran to raise money for the Brooklyn Free Clinic, where he volunteers with his classmates.

Naturally, the photo found its way to Reddit, and people are having a field day with it.

BeauxDarville / Via

The photoshop battle that ensued is the stuff of legends.

Murphy-Hockett has outrun bears.

whatwatwhutwut / Via

And vampires.

blue_awning / Via

The "Transylvania Half" is no joke.

He's joined forces with great memes of yore.

omgitsreinier / Via

And fought in wars.

AlphaBulblax / Via

Someone found a face within his face.

rn1ke / Via

Which resulted in these haunting photoshops.


He's raced pugs.

godzillaboy_ / Via

And he's raced himself.

Murphy-Hockett said he is "impressed with the creativity" of everyone who has edited his photo.

tomyshotgun / Via

"I thought it was really amusing," he said. "My family was like, of course this is what you’d end up online for."