This Guy Accidentally Got His Girlfriend 144 Pairs Of Fuzzy Socks For Christmas

My Christmas wish tbh.

When Jackson Wade Knight recently asked his girlfriend Haven Prevatt what she wanted for Christmas, she had a simple request: some fuzzy socks.

But when the package was dropped off on his front porch the following week, Knight immediately knew something had gone wrong.

He opened the package and discovered a Christmas miracle: 144 pairs of fuzzy socks.

I ordered my girlfriend a dozen pairs of fuzzy socks and they sent me 12 dozen making 144 pairs of fuzzy socks

The company had accidentally sent him TWELVE. DOZEN. FUZZY. SOCKS.

Knight said he immediately checked his bank account to see if he'd actually bought that many socks by mistake, and was relieved to find he'd only been charged $27.

"So, everything was good on my end," he said. "They just messed up the order. Just a happy accident."

Knight tweeted about the sock mishap, and people were overwhelmed with joy picturing the very merry (and fuzzy) Christmas Prevatt was going to have:


is this what heaven looks like?

They really think Knight is "the world's greatest boyfriend."

You sir have just became the worlds greatest boyfriend

Boyfriend award

That girl is going to love you forever

Knight said he doesn't actually plan to keep all 144 socks "since I didn’t pay for them."

"The first thing I did was contact the company and see if it would be possible for me to return them, because that’s a lot of money worth of socks," he said. "But I called them a few days ago and they didn’t answer."

"I know some people were saying I could make a mad profit off them, but I think I’d rather play Santa Claus and either give them to my friends and cousins or go bring them to a homeless shelter," he said.

Coincidentally, there'd also been a mistake with the gift Prevatt had ordered for Knight, so she'd gone to exchange it that same day.

"I texted her and said, 'If you said your gift order got messed up, just wait till you hear about mine,'" he said.

"At first I didn’t really come out and explicitly tell her they sent me 144 pairs of socks," he said. "But I told her, 'One of the things I ordered for you, they sent me 12 times more than I actually ordered.'"

He texted her about what happened, and she couldn't believe it either.

Knight said he and Prevatt really "got a kick" out of the ridiculous mistake.

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