This Guy Turns His Girlfriend Into Disney Princesses On Instagram And It's Amazing

He seriously can paint with all the colors of the wind.

Meet Lyana Azman and her boyfriend Amin Fouzi, two 21-year-olds from Malaysia currently studying in Melbourne.

Last Saturday, the two went out for dinner. While waiting for their food to come out, Fouzi snapped a pic of his girlfriend for his Instagram story and turned it into THIS.

Since then, Fouzi has drawn his girlfriend in the library as Belle.

And as Aurora, pink dress and all.

She's rocked a pinafore as Alice in Wonderland.

And just look at her as Mulan!

Azman posted her boyfriend's drawings on Twitter, and people went totally heart-eyes-emoji over it.

my boyfriend and his creativity 😂

People seriously cannot handle how cute they are.

Aww so cute. Actually little things still can make women extremely happy!

And everyone's super impressed — by both Fouzi's artistic talents, as well as his impressive attention to Disney detail.

I'm impressed not just by his drawing but also by all the Disney references! He's so amazing 😂

Damn creative and talented the bf!

Aw he knows everything about disney's princesses

@lyanaazman He likes Disney! HOLD ON TO HIMMMM

Azman said her boyfriend has loved to draw since he was young, and she's blown away by his Instagram artistry.

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