People Are Sobbing Over This Family’s Dog That Found The Collar Of Their Dog That Died

We really, really, really, really don't deserve dogs.

Meet Zoey.

Jessica Klein

Zoey was a German shepherd–rottweiler mix living in Dallas, Georgia. Sadly, she died last May, when she was hit by a car at just one-and-a-half years old.

"She came with me to college and everything. My entire family loved her. She would come to the lake with us, and she slept with me every single night," Jessica Klein, Zoey's 19-year-old owner, told Buzzfeed News. "Zoey was always there. She went through so much stuff with me."

To ease the pain of Zoey's loss, Klein's mother gave her a new puppy a few months later. They named her Riley.

Jessica Klein
Jessica Klein

"After Zoey died, I really appreciated having a dog more," Klein said. "They don’t care how you look, or if you screwed up at work. When you walk through the door, your dog always comes at you with that same excitement. I definitely missed that."

Months ago, before Zoey died, she lost her collar somewhere in the woods of the backyard.

"I never really thought anything of it — she lost her collar, and that was that," she said.

But, on Christmas morning, Riley had a big surprise for her family.

Jessica Klein

"Riley comes up to me in the backyard with something in her mouth, and I was like, what does she have in her mouth?" Klein said. "And it was Zoey’s collar."

Klein said she got "chills everywhere" and immediately brought it inside to show her sister and parents.

my dog lost her collar in the woods before she died this year, today my other dog runs up to me outside with it, wh…

They think Riley found it because she uses some of her old toys and might have recognized her scent.

People are really emotional over it.

it's too early to bE FUCKING CRYING


The family displayed the collar on the fireplace with all their stockings.

Jessica Klein

Klein said Riley finding Zoey's collar was truly "a special gift."

"It meant a lot," she said. "It’s like she’s keeping Zoey alive and not letting her be forgotten."

Jessica Klein
Jessica Klein



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