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This 6-Foot-7-Inch Teen Has The Perfect Solution To Being Constantly Asked How Tall He Is

"Yes, I am tall. You're very observant for noticing."

Posted on October 7, 2016, at 12:06 p.m. ET

Most tall people can vouch that getting constantly asked how tall you are/how's the weather up there/do you play basketball/etc. can get tiresome real fast.


Logan, a 17-year-old high school senior in Holly Springs, North Carolina, who is 6' 7", knows this struggle all too well.

So, on Wednesday, when his group project partner, Heather, inquired about his height, he had the perfect response at the ready.

He promptly whipped this business card out of his wallet and passed it her way:

@mamaheffa / Via Twitter

omg so this kid I'm doin a group project with is mad tall n I asked him how tall he was and he pulled out his walle…

Logan — who told Select All he did, in fact, play basketball when he was younger — said he bought the cards online because people ask how tall he is between five and 10 times a day.

Heather tweeted the card, and thousands of people thought it was brilliant.

The tall people of the world realized what their lives had been missing all along.

i need this i need this i need this i need this i need this

This is perfect. I might actually steal this

If you need me I'll be down at the printers.

And so did a few short people.

Need this ASAP! Mine: Yes, I'm short 4'11" (almost) No, I'm not an Ewok, Oompa Loompa or from Munchkin Land Yes, I…

Logan said the $10 he spent on 100 cards has been his "best investment yet."

Now, he hopes his Twitter fame might lead to a good grade on their project.

“It’s a project for a presidential election and hopefully we’ll win because of this," he said.