This 6-Foot-7-Inch Teen Has The Perfect Solution To Being Constantly Asked How Tall He Is

"Yes, I am tall. You're very observant for noticing."

Most tall people can vouch that getting constantly asked how tall you are/how's the weather up there/do you play basketball/etc. can get tiresome real fast.

He promptly whipped this business card out of his wallet and passed it her way:

omg so this kid I'm doin a group project with is mad tall n I asked him how tall he was and he pulled out his walle…

Logan — who told Select All he did, in fact, play basketball when he was younger — said he bought the cards online because people ask how tall he is between five and 10 times a day.

Heather tweeted the card, and thousands of people thought it was brilliant.

The tall people of the world realized what their lives had been missing all along.

i need this i need this i need this i need this i need this

This is perfect. I might actually steal this

If you need me I'll be down at the printers.

And so did a few short people.

Need this ASAP! Mine: Yes, I'm short 4'11" (almost) No, I'm not an Ewok, Oompa Loompa or from Munchkin Land Yes, I…

Logan said the $10 he spent on 100 cards has been his "best investment yet."

Now, he hopes his Twitter fame might lead to a good grade on their project.

“It’s a project for a presidential election and hopefully we’ll win because of this," he said.

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