The Results From That Viral Second Grade Survey Are Finally Here

A total of 1,278,791 people took the survey (and Team Giraffe won by a landslide).

Last month, as you might recall, a second-grade class in Indiana that was learning about graphs made a (incredibly cute) survey that took the internet by storm.

I'm thrilled to tell you the long wait is over. WE HAVE RESULTS!

With a total of 1,278,791 responses, here are the results of the survey:

Are you a farmer?
1,236,961 - No
41,830 - Yes

​Do you like Pokemon?
646,747 - Yes
632,044 - No

What is your favorite activity?
701,302 - Board Games
577,489 - Coloring

​Who is your favorite Frozen character?
683,128 - Elsa
595,662 - Anna

Do you work at a school?
946,507 - No
332,285 - Yes

What kind of food do you like?
993,765 - Pizza
285,027 - Soup

What kind of animal do you like?
924,720 - Giraffe
354,070 - Zebra

Do you like Legos?
1,114,473 - Yes
164,319 - No

What zoo animal do you like?
698,258 - Lion
580,533 - Monkey

Do you like ice cream?
1,231,322 - Yes
47,470 - No

What is your favorite store?
692,622 - Toys R Us
586,775 - Wal-Mart

Are you on YouTube?
742,017 - No
536,775 - Yes

What is your favorite subject?
940,789 - Science
338,003 - Math

Which state do you like more?
802,147 - Illinois
476,645 - Indiana

Are you married?
762,785 - No
516,007 - Yes

Does your name start with a vowel or a consonant?
1,042,311 - Consonant
236,481 - Vowel

Do you live in a house or an apartment?
902,070 - House
376,722 - Apartment

Can you write in cursive?
1,188,792 - Yes
90,000 - No

​What color hair do you have?
Almost every color of the rainbow was represented as well as no hair at all!

With more cities, states, and countries participating than they could easily list, Google made the class a map to show where people took the survey.

Facebook: permalink.php

A school spokesperson shared the results and the map on Facebook and thanked everyone who participated.

"We never anticipated this type of response, but are so appreciative!" they said.

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