This 2-Year-Old Thought A Bride Was The Princess From Her Favorite Book And The Photos Are Perfect

It's like a fairy tale come true.

It's not every day you meet a princess. So when a 2-year-old spotted a "princess" in her neighborhood back in February, she could hardly contain her excitement.

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Shandace Robertson had just married Scott Robertson in Ballard, a neighborhood of Seattle, and had stepped outside to take photos, Scott told BuzzFeed News.

"This young mother and her young child happened to be walking by, and my wife and this little girl caught each others’ gaze, smiled, and started interacting," he said. "My wife loves kids, so she saw this cute little girl, and this cute little girl saw my beautiful wife."

The toddler's mother said her daughter was particularly excited because she thought Shandace was the "princess" on the cover of her "favorite book."

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The book was "The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins. The book does not actually feature a princess, but a woman in a long white gown on the cover, who the little girl thought was a princess.

Of course, the book is just a bit above her reading level. She just liked carrying it around, her mom, who asked that she and her daughter not be named, told BuzzFeed News.

"I like old dead British writers, so I have a lot of them, and she just loves the cover. So naturally, we carried it around with us for a week on end," she said. "It was her princess book, and she would sit and pretend to read it."

"She showed me the book and was like, ‘Look, there she is!’" her mom said.

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"She was like, ‘There’s a princess!’ and we talked about how she was probably the Princess of Ballard, and then we really just stared at her in awe," her mom said.

After watching from afar for a bit, Shandace walked over to them, and the girl showed her the book.

Shandace gave the girl a rose from her bouquet and asked to take photos with her, her mom said.

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"She was very sweet and wanted to take some pictures with [my daughter], so we did that," she said.

Her mom said she felt bad that her daughter was a bit muddy — after all, it had been a rainy Seattle day — but the bride didn't seem to mind, and picked her up anyway.

Four months later, the little girl still believes she met the "Princess of Ballard."

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"We printed off a bunch of photos for her birthday, which we do every year, and have them up on our wall. So that’s one of the pictures," her mom said.

"She’ll walk up to it and be like, ‘There’s the Princess of Ballard!’ And every time we go to Ballard, we expect to see the princess."

Meeting the "princess" made the little girl's day, and Scott said the meeting made the newlywed couple's day as well.

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"It was a really special moment," said Scott. "It was the cherry on top of the perfect day."



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