This Group Chat Got Crashed By The Police When A Drunk Guy Couldn't Remember His Address

"Fuck me dead it's legit."

After their friend got a bit too drunk Monday night, members of a group chat in Wales got a special guest: the police.

The group chat quickly responded with his address, but understandably they didn't believe it was actually the police at first.

To prove it wasn't a prank, the police officer even sent them a selfie.

The South Wales Police confirmed the story to BuzzFeed News — or, as one of the group chatters so eloquently put it, "Fuck me dead it's legit."

Court tweeted screenshots of the group chat, and people are loving it.

Don't even think about inviting me to a group chat unless it's at least this lit

"Fuck me dead it's legit" 😂😂😂👌

This is the best thing I've ever seen

And what ever happened to Cameron? He "woke up with a very sore head" but got home otherwise unscathed, Court said.

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