People Can't Stop Laughing Over This Mom Who Apparently Had No Idea What Her Dog Looks Like

"I kind of just made that face Jim from The Office makes when Michael Scott does something dumb."

This is 17-year-old Jeff Squires and his mom Terri Squires, who live in Grafton, Ohio.

On Tuesday, Terri saw a Facebook post saying two dogs had been found wandering around town. She texted her son a picture of one of them and asked him to check that it wasn't Duey.

It was...

...not Duey.

Jeff posted the ridiculous text exchange on Twitter and people could not handle it.

Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like

They just look so absurdly different.


I AM WEAK, duey is like a quarter the size too 😂

@cduffner5 @jeff_jssj @MadiBriggs I see no difference

She didn't even spell his name right!

I like how his mom spells the name wrong too

Real cold, Mom. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

Even your dog's face says "mom wtf"

But others could relate, saying their moms have made similar mistakes before...

lol one time my mom brought home the wrong dog from the vet because she thought it was ours

My mom doesn't know my cats names. It's either "the gray one" or "the white one" or "the one outside". varying degrees of "yikes."

One time my mom almost let a raccoon into our house instead of our tabby cat, so yah, I can relate.

my mom once picked the wrong baby from kindergarten 🙄 thought it was her grandson

This story has a happy ending, though: The two missing dogs found their way home due to Jeff's tweet!

All together now:

We don't deserve moms.

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