Macklemore Cut His "Hitler Youth" Haircut And Now People Are Thanking Him

"He mackled less, for our sake."

If you're a fan of rap, Seattle, and/or thrift shopping, you're probably already familiar with Macklemore.

The Grammy-winning rapper is well-known for his haircut: long on top, shaved sides...and widely associated with Nazis.

Now, this does not mean undercuts, pompadours, or so-called "fashy cuts" are, in itself, "Nazi haircuts" — just that the popular style has a history of being sported by Nazis and white supremacists.

On Tuesday, Weird Twitter star Jon Hendren (aka @fart) called upon Macklemore to "denounce his own haircut," "the chosen haircut of the racists."

macklemore hair seems to be the chosen haircut of the racists now. i call on @macklemore to get online and denounce his own haircut

Mr. Lemore responded. "Got rid of it over a year ago," he said.

@fart Got rid of it over a year ago

And indeed he has! Photos of Macklemore sporting a buzzcut can be found as early as October 2016.

Here he is this past May with Martha Stewart, looking decidedly less fashy.

People far and wide are thanking Macklemore for his haircut.

@youwontbelaffin / Twitter / Via Twitter: @YOUWONTBELAFFIN
@_bam / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_bam

@macklemore @fart Macklemore, thank you so much

@badperson69 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @badperson69

So brave. So Mackle-moral.

@CedricRichards / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CedricRichards

@historyinflicks @macklemore @fart Macklemore... Welcome to the resistance.

@videl_pink / Twitter / Via Twitter: @videl_pink

A true ally.

@hamsandcastle / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hamsandcastle
@devanmiller / Twitter / Via Twitter: @devanmiller
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