The Ship.........Is Stuck

A container ship stuck in the Suez Canal is disrupting global trade, but it's also giving good memes.

Hello. Have you heard about the stuck ship, the ship that is stuck?

If not, some quick catch-up: a container ship called the Ever Given, which is bigger than the Empire State Building, got stuck sideways in the Suez Canal on Tuesday.

Folks, I'm not feeling optimistic about the Suez situation.

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A Dutch company working to wiggle the boat free has compared the vessel to a "beached whale" and said it "might take weeks" to accomplish, according to Reuters.

The economic implications of The Little Ship That Couldn't are massive — about 12% of trade transported by sea goes through the canal, according to CNBC, so each day the ship blocks the route, billions of dollars in goods are unable to reach their destinations.

So, global trade disaster for sure, but on the bright side, it's inspired some seriously top-notch memes.

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The ship may be stuck, but the memes are cruising along just fine.

Is your child texting about the Suez Canal boat? BRB - Bow Really Bulbous LOL - Lack Of Leeway CBA - Canal Blocked, Asshole LMFAO - Lol, Mother Fucker Aground, Oh! BYOB - Boat Yeeted On Bank WTF - What The Frigate BTW - Boat Totally Wasted

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hi, boat expert here! this is not funny, boats only do this when they're in extreme distress

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Some of the good folks of the internet have kindly offered their suggestions for how to free the boat.

Tension rises over new attempt to re-float ship in #SuezCanal #EVERGIVEN #oott

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There’s a man living in a fishing shack in Greece. Locals know him as a friendly but pathetic drunk. He’s haunted by flashbacks of the day a once-in-a-century storm grounded his supertanker in the Straits of Malacca. And now, we need him to come back for one last job.

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i would simply try turning the steering wheel to move the boat stuck in the suez canal. but that’s just me

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The stuck boat has inspired art.

Today’s Comic: We are all, in our own little way, that ship.

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And spinoffs from other memes (remember sea shanties?).

ooooh there once was a ship that put to sea and the name of the ship was the evergreen her screws spun up her bow spun round oh turn my evergreen turn soon may excavation men come to dig us out of the suez's run one day when the diggin is done we'll take our leave and gooooooo!

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BREAKING: The boat blocking the Suez Canal has fallen down the stairs at the Met Gala

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It has found use as an exceptionally versatile meme format.

This is my favourite meme format in a long time

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The Suez Canal calls for aid!

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Has a global trade disaster ever been so #relatable????

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Yeah sex is good but have you ever got your boat stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked 10% of the world’s trade?

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Sorry to the economy, but it's a good meme.

I genuinely cannot get enough of the suez canal memes they're so fucking funny to me

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Given the stuck boat is literally inspiring fanfiction, some of the memes are NSFW.

trying to free a shipping vessel stuck in the Suez Canal

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Anyway, good luck to the stuck boat!!!!

I love that the boat is stuck because every other piece of global news is so hard to comprehend or explain. The boat? It's just stuck. Stuff won't go. Boat needs to be not stuck. That's it.

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