The Stuck Boat Got Unstuck Because Of The Moon


A tug boat pulls the cargo ship

The enormous ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal last week has been freed, officials said early Monday. Long live the stuck ship.

Ever Given, a container ship bigger than the Empire State Building, interrupted a crucial trade route after it got lodged sideways in the canal last Tuesday, delaying billions of dollars in goods from reaching their destinations.

On Monday, the canal's service provider announced the ship had been refloated and was on its merry way.

#BREAKING| Ever Given was successfully re-floated at 4.30 am local time and was being secured at the moment, Inchcape, a global provider of marine services said on Twitter __ REUTERS #Egypt #Suez #SuezCanal #EVERGIVEN #Evergreen #BreakingNews|#قناة_السويس #السفينة_الجائحة #عاجل

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Rescue teams in tugboats had spent six days working to free the ship, and were finally successful thanks, in part, to the full moon bringing high tides.

A Dutch company that assisted in efforts to wiggle the boat free had previously compared the vessel to a "beached whale" and said it "might take weeks" to accomplish, according to Reuters.

Despite being a global trade disaster, the Ever Given getting stuck captivated the world and became the subject of a ton of jokes and memes.

This is my favourite meme format in a long time

Twitter: @ben_hr

Imagine being the captain of the first ship to pass through the Suez after it gets unblocked and knowing that you have the potential to do the funniest thing that anyone has ever done ever.

Twitter: @bencjenkins

As it floated free on Monday, trade officials, rescue crews, and politicians celebrated.

But many, many more people made a different demand:

put the boat back this fucking sucks put it back

Twitter: @MyDadIsOld

We're not done with this yet, put it back.

Twitter: @RudolfWolph

some people aren't brave enough to stand by their convictions, but I'm going to say it: put the boat back now.

Twitter: @LeaderGrev


Twitter: @olivia_chsm

I love how the ship is unstuck and everyone is like PUT IT BACK

Twitter: @carries_town

Good luck to the boat!

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