People Are Cringing Over Trump's Adviser Saying The Inauguration Will Have "Soft Sensuality"

"'Soft sensuality' is the new 'moist.'"

Inauguration planner Tom Barrack told reporters on Tuesday that Trump's ceremony will feature a "soft sensuality."

People all cringed at once. It was the cringe heard round the world.

"The inauguration will have a soft sensuality"

"Soft sensuality" Please join me in vomiting and screaming myself to death.



@tarapalmeri The "soft sensuality" of Trump...

"soft sensuality" is a whole day of this gif

Dear President-elect Trump, would be honored to contribute to the soft sensuality of your inauguration in whatever…

What will this softly sensual inauguration will be like? People have ideas.

Inauguration to Have A "Soft Sensuality"

This is how I imagine the Trump inauguration's "soft sensuality" will play out:

TRUMP: I'm thinking candles. A little Kenny G. The Lincoln Bible. That scented warming oil we keep in Daddy's special drawer #SoftSensuality

Lots and lots of ideas.

"The inauguration will have a soft sensuality"

"The inauguration will have a soft sensuality"

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