The Killers Demand Free Panda Express For Life After Finding Their Lyrics In A Fortune Cookie

"I'm thinkin' orange chicken for life and we'll let you off the hook for using our stuff."

We have an early contender for Twitter beef of 2017, and it's served with your choice of brown or white rice.

I'm thinkin' orange chicken for life and we'll let you off the hook for using our stuff.

Over a decade after their hit album Hot Fuss, the Killers spotted what they claimed as their lyrics in a pretty unexpected place: inside a Panda Express fortune cookie.

"Smile like you mean it," the fortune said, in what the band took as a reference to their song of the same title.

The band tweeted the fortune on Sunday and demanded royalties in the form of "orange chicken for life."

People are living for the ~drama~.

The band I love most blackmailing the restaurant I hate most...this is one of the most satisfying days of my life.

and someone is calling my name from the back of panda express

And rooting for them to get their lifetime of free Panda Express.

Oh my gosh imagine getting free Panda express for life tho

Just make your next single "Honey Walnut Shrimp" and call it a wash.

Though others don't think the band has much of a case.

You don't own the words Smile like you mean it & I think you'd find them hard to copyright tbh.

this just in: the killers invented every generic phrase ever

Panda Express later responded to say that "when it comes to #OrangeChickenLove, we always mean it" — though no word as to whether the Killers' demands will be met.

.@thekillers When it comes to #OrangeChickenLove, we always mean it.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Panda Express to find out if they'll be paying up.

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