Did Sesame Street Actually Just Subtweet Donald Trump?

The letter of the day is definitely "T."

If you haven't watched Sesame Street in a while, you might not be aware that the children's TV show has a thriving Twitter presence.

There is nothing better than helping friends achieve their goals. #MondayMotivation

There are even separate accounts for many of the characters.

Usually, the account just tweets about friendship and cookies and what's new on the Street, but on Wednesday, they sent out a rather....different sort of tweet. Observe:

Did you know that there’s a MONSTER on Twitter?


And it didn't stop there. Grover joined in, in a full on tweetstorm.

Did that say there is a MONSTER on Twitter?

HEY, STOP RETWEETING ME SO I CAN LOG OFF OKAY? Because there is a MONSTER on Twitter! It is not safe!

Following the tweetstorm, Sesame Street tweeted that it was the 45th anniversary of The Monster at the End of This Book, a children's book about Grover, suggesting the tweets were in celebration of it.

But, people weren't so sure. Pretty much everyone immediately presumed it to be about Donald Trump.

@sesamestreet yeah, we just made him president. :(

No one could believe the "cutting political commentary" coming from the show.

When did Sesame Street become the voice of the rebellion? https://t.co/IEAnMZd4wL

Sesame Street with the cutting political commentary now https://t.co/0AEUSSNrOz

And people were SHOOK.

Zero f-cks from Sesame Street https://t.co/BPelh3zUiX

SESAME DRAG HIM https://t.co/P0DqhC0ozw

Like, what is happening???

FYI: sesame street twitter is lit. https://t.co/hVmVgPhRPo

@sesamestreet one-two-three-FOUR-FIVE-six-seven-eight-NINE-TEN-eleven-twelve amendments violated

The greatest subtweet of all time has officially been crowned.

This is the best subtweet OF ALL TIME. https://t.co/tRuX9C0xHr

One! One subtweet! AH HA HA! https://t.co/TCPi3QtnJ1


Just @ him already. https://t.co/c4MwDytOvC

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Sesame Street to ask if they were actually subtweeting Donald Trump.

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