This Woman Turned A Confederate Memorial Into A Giant "Second Place" Trophy

"To be racist is un-American."

This is Rebecca McHood, an activist, nonprofit worker, and mom who lives in Gilbert, Arizona.

McHood has identified as a Republican her whole life, she told BuzzFeed News.

However, she thinks Trump is "morally repugnant" and voted for Hillary Clinton.

After the election, she became an activist for several liberal causes, including the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the Women's March, Black Lives Matter, and the fight against school vouchers.

After watching Trump's press briefing on Tuesday, in which he angrily defended the white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, McHood said she was "outraged" and wanted to do something.

"I’m a white person, and Trump does not speak for me," she said. "So I felt like it was really important for me to not say silent, to say something."

So, she drove down to a nearby Confederate memorial in Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in downtown Phoenix...and turned it into a giant "second-place" trophy.

She even included a ribbon that said, "You lost, get over it."

A nearby cop told her she couldn't attach anything to the memorial, but did not stop her from just laying the banner across it, McHood said.

The banner was taken down by Wednesday morning.

In an effort to "be sensitive and not overstep," McHood said she first discussed the idea with some of her friends who are people of color and involved in Black Lives Matter, who told her they supported it.

While McHood still identifies as a Republican, she said the party no long "represent[s] my American values system" and is "promoting racist policies."

"If Republicans keep saying they’re the party of morals or whatever, then they need to get up and speak out because what’s happening is immoral," said McHood.

"I’m a white person with blond-haired, blue-eyed kids," she said. "So whatever Trump does, it’s not going to hurt me, but it’s going to hurt my neighbors and people that I love. To be racist is un-American."

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