31 Kids At The March For Science Who Will Give You Hope For The Planet

"Forget princess. I want to be a scientist."

In Washington, DC and around the world on Saturday, scientists — and many young science fans — came together for the March for Science.

1. Will, a 10-year-old from Connecticut, told BuzzFeed News he thought Trump's environmental laws are "foul" and "completely awful and totally unfair."

Will, 10, from Connecticut is here because Trump's laws about the environment are "foul" #sciencemarch

2. And Daisy, a 10-year-old wearing a polar bear sweater and wolf ears, said she was "marching for wolves."

Daisy, 10, is here for the wolves #ScienceMarch

3. Brynn, a 9-year-old from Maine, said she came to the New York march because she "believe[s] in science."

Brynn, 9, from Maine believes in science. #ScienceMarch

4. And 12-year-old John from Buffalo said he doesn't "think it's right that our president should be turning a blind eye or telling outright lies about what is going to happen in our future."

John, 12, from Buffalo, doesn't think it's right for a president to tell "outright lies" #sciencemarch

5. In Washington, DC,11-year-old Luis Fabish told BuzzFeed News he wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up, and that he and his dad are building a car from scavenged parts.

I want to let people know that all these facts are real not fake. -Luis Fabish, 11, from Chicago. #sciencemarchdc

They traveled from Chicago to the march in DC and wore brain hats made by Luis's mom.

6. And they weren't the only kids speaking out. Tons of children protested, many bearing signs with hopes for the future: to end climate change, save animals, and even to become scientists themselves.

11. A number of future scientists came out to march.



Ready for the march!!! #marchforscience

15. They called for the protection of the environment.

19. And for endangered species to be saved.

21. Most of all, they had one message in common: science is awesome.

"Don't be Stupid, be a Smarty, come and join the #ScienceParty !" #MarchForScience #ScienceMatters @LDNsciencemarch… https://t.co/K5Kyoq0Itp



Maxi (6) and Lula & Sunny (3 year old twins) here because they like dinosaurs

26. And that it's more important than ever before.

Ben and Rebecca (9 year old twins!) are marching because science is "everywhere all over the world" #ScienceMarch

Virginia Hughes, Azeen Ghorayshi‏, Ikran Dahir, and Nidhi Subbaraman contributed to this post.

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