Rudy Giuliani Repeatedly Touched A Female Anchor During An Interview

“I know men who are touchy-feely…Donald Trump is not one of them," Giuliani said in the interview.

During a CNN interview leading up to the final presidential debate, Rudy Giuliani defended Donald Trump against recent accusations of sexual assault.

In that same interview, Giuliani touched CNN anchor Erin Burnett on the arm multiple times.

Rudy Giuliani gets touchy in a debate with Mark Cuban #Debate




Many viewers pointed out the irony, and called the touching "creepy."

Touchy-feely? Like Giuliani when he was grasping this woman's arm earlier in the interview? Uncomfortable & creepy.…

ugh giuliani get your creepy hands off

@ErinBurnett is giuliani really holding your arm down to keep you from speaking?!?!? did he just use the words "tou…

Some were also not too thrilled that Giuliani spoke over the anchor and told her to "let me finish" while appearing to grip her arm.

look at this assclown. of COURSE he represents Trump. also perfect example of not-so-subtle ways men silence/shush…

Full Contact Mansplain

this "i'm speaking, honey" death grip that rudy giuliani had on erin burnett's arm was inappropriate and gross

Here's the moment one more time:
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