People Are Outraged Over A Cartoon Apparently Equating Betsy Devos With Ruby Bridges

"How can you compare a child who actively sought education to a woman who's trying to get rid of it?"

On Sunday, the Belleville News-Democrat published this cartoon by Glenn McCoy. It appears to equate Betsy DeVos, Trump's controversial pick for secretary of education, with Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend an all-white school in the South.

It closely imitates "The Problem We All Live With," a Norman Rockwell painting depicting 6-year-old Ruby Bridges' historic walk into school. Ruby was escorted by US Marshals while an angry white mob jeered and threatened her.

RW political cartoonist Glen McCoy created the image on the left. On the right is Norman Rockwell's image about th…

The cartoon comes days after protesters in Washington, DC, blocked DeVos from entering a public school while chanting, "Shame!" She eventually entered the building through another door.

DeVos was widely criticized during her confirmation process, with many calling into question her advocacy for private schools over public ones, her extreme wealth and complicated web of investments, a history of opposition to LGBT rights, and her stances on Common Core, sexual assault prevention, student loans, and higher education.

Many people are straight-up disgusted by the cartoon.

I'm disgusted. What we're NOT gonna do is compare Ruby Bridges to Betsy Devos. NOT TODAY. NOT TOMORROW. NOT EVA.

Equating DeVos, a well-connected billionaire who paid her way into the Cabinet, with the heroic Ruby Bridges is ign…

Seeing Betsy Devos transplanted onto art that centered Ruby Bridges, A BLACK GIRL THRUST INTO VIOLENT DESEGREGATION…

They really just compared Betsy DeVos to Ruby Bridges

The Betsy Devos cartoon mocking Ruby Bridges is a reminder there are still 14 days left in White People Shitting on Black History Month.

And plenty are pointing out the differences between the two people.

How can you compare a child who actively sought education to a woman who's trying to get rid of it? Betsy Devos is…


The Betsy DeVos as Ruby Bridges image is a reminder that some women are always infantilized, while little black girls treated like adults.

Ruby Bridges at 6 yrs old experienced racial ridicule. And is STILL living amongst us to see DeVos be compared to her. TRASH.


DeVos "faces protest not prosecution," one person pointed out.

Ruby Bridges' likeness/story is untouchable. DeVos is an agent of power who chose to hold this position. she faces protest not persecution.

That is vastly different from Bridges, who at 6 years old had rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at her by mobs while she walked into school, another said.

As Rockwell's painting shows, the mobs threw tomatoes and rotten eggs at six-year-old Ruby Bridges, seen here in th…

In response, people are celebrating Bridges for all she went through in the fight for integration.

Instead of a trash DeVos cartoon, I'm sharing this: my fave photo of President Obama, with the REAL painting and it…

In 1960, Ruby Bridges, at 6 years old, was the first black child to attend a white school. #blackhistorymonth…

Ruby Bridges is a bonafide black American goddamn hero. Shame on every one of you trying to co-opt what she did for Devos's benefit.

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted. #ShePersisted #rubybridges

McCoy declined to comment to Huffington Post. BuzzFeed News has reached out to McCoy.

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