No, Bernie Sanders Doesn't Have A Photo Of Harambe In His Living Room

We can dream, though. We can dream.

The internet was faced with a shock on Friday when these photos made the rounds on Twitter: Could it be? Did Bernie Sanders have a framed picture of Harambe, the gorilla who died, in his living room?

Twitter / Via Twitter: @prayforpatrick

The photo comes to us from a tweet by Twitter user @PrayForPatrick, which has been retweeted more than a thousand times.

Naturally, parody Twitter accounts soon picked it up, spreading the photo far and wide.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @dory

That's when it really took off.

A lot of people reeeally thought it was real.

It was even politicized across party lines.

It was truly something.


There was only one problem: It's photoshopped AF.

Twitter: @BernieSanders


The photo actually comes from this tweet, which was posted on Sanders' Twitter account Thursday during the GOP convention.

Shall we take a closer look?


Yep, no gorilla.


Yep, no gorilla.


Yep, no gorilla.

In conclusion,