This Teen's Racist Promposal Went Viral And Now The School Is Investigating

"If I was black I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white so I'm picking u 4 prom?"

A Florida high school student's racist promposal sign went viral and has been met with massive backlash.

this is Noah Crowley a Riverview High School student. he seems to not know about America’s history. RACISM IS A PROBLEM. definitely should not be allowed to go to prom!!

"If I was black I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white so I'm picking u 4 prom?" said the sign, which was originally posted on Snapchat.

A spokesperson for the Sarasota County School District confirmed to BuzzFeed News the student in the photo is Noah Crowley, 18, who is currently a senior at Riverview High School.

The image was shared widely online, with many people identifying Crowley by name and calling for disciplinary action to be taken.

So who all wanna show up to his prom????? Because I just wanna talk to him.....

Fill in the blank! Noah Crowley from Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida is 18 and....

According to 10News, Crowley apologized on Facebook after the photo went viral, saying it was "completely a joke and it went too far."

"I want to sincerely apologize if I have offended anyone with the picture going around. That was not my intention. Anyone who knows me or [name redacted by 10News] knows that that's not how we truly feel. It was completely a joke and it went too far," Crowley reportedly said in his apology.

"After reading the texts and Snapchats I truly see how I have offended people and I'm sorry," he reportedly said.

Crowley did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

In a press release, a spokesperson for the district said it is currently investigating a "senior who made a 'promposal' to another student that was racial in nature."

The Sarasota County School District has provided the following statement regarding an inappropriate social media post from a Riverview HS student.

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