This Farmer Brought Along Two Alpacas And A Llama To Protest The Inauguration

Their names are Thaddeus, Shay, and Tragically Cute.

While most people brought signs to Friday's inauguration protests in DC, one man brought something quite different: two alpacas, a llama, and a dove.

This protester, in Chinatown, has a Go-Pro hat, a bullhorn, and three llamas

The protester, named Ethan Abbott, told BuzzFeed News he brought the animals to remind people "we need to take back our farms and our food."

"They love to march," he said. "And they do it a lot."

Oh yeah, and he BROUGHT THEM THERE ON THE METRO, he said.

This dude brought his llama to the inauguration via the subway and it's making my day.

Abbott told CGTN America he's a farmer and was there to protest for trade justice.

I expected to see pro-Trump supporters and protesters on #InaugurationDay. But llamas? Here's why this farmer is pr…

"It’s time we get corporate money out of our government, out of our farms, out of our food, out of our families, out of our freedom," he said.

The alpacas and llama are named Thaddeus, Shay, and Tragically Cute, he told DC Examiner.

Meet Ethan Abbott who brought two alpacas, a llama, & a bird for the #inauguration to "take back our farms...and fr…

Hubert the Dove will spend most of the day sleeping inside his coat, he said.

Yes, this is really happening.

Llamas out and about to demonstrate in favor of better trade policies that help people

#InaugurationDay Llamas being down D street. @alyssaedes


Abbott's protesting companions are actually one llama and two alpacas. A previous version of this article said they were all llamas.

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