Greenpeace Literally Brought Marco Rubio A Spine To Mock His Vote For Rex Tillerson

"So that's where Rubio's backbone was."

After Sen. Marco Rubio voted to confirm Rex Tillerson as secretary of state on Monday — despite having expressed "serious concerns" about the oil exec's ties to Russia — Greenpeace literally brought the GOP senator a spine in protest.

Someone is holding a human spine next to Marco Rubio right now

Rubio has been criticized for clearing the path to Tillerson's confirmation after previously telling reporters he was "prepared to do what’s right," hinting at a possible vote against Tillerson, the former head of ExxonMobil.

“In the end, I think Marco decided that it was better to be inside the tent than outside,” a source close to Rubio told BuzzFeed News. “A vote against Tillerson would have reduced his influence on foreign policy matters with the Trump Administration to zero.”

Greenpeace told BuzzFeed News that on Monday one of their climate campaigners, Naomi Ages, carried "the spine [Rubio] must have left at home."

The photos of Rubio and the spine went viral on Twitter, where people thought the stunt was hilarious.

Rubio says he hopes Tillerson is best Secretary of State of all time. Also someone is holding a spine prop behind h…

"So that's where Rubio's backbone was," people said.

So that's where Rubio's backbone was.

That's actually Marco's portable spine. It folds up quickly if Trump's around.

Well, it's always polite to return things people have lost.

Always knew there were jellyfish in Florida. Had no idea so many of them held elected office. You're safer around t…

People also applauded the stunt as "a legendary troll."

Prop comedy is BACK

Haha. That is a legendary troll. Well played, mystery spine troller.

Now that is commitment to a bit. A+ work right there.

"Relentless mockery is perfectly legitimate civic action," one person said.

I love this. Relentless mockery is perfectly legitimate civic action.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Rubio for comment.

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