Everyone In America Is Going To Be Very Hungover Tomorrow

Oh my god, alternate with water guys, PLEASE.

It's election night in America, and in these politically polarized times, there's one truth that transcends parties: Everyone's getting drunk tonight.

The only comforting thing about this election is that I have enough alcohol in my house to kill me twice

Like, really, really drunk.

And they're not wasting a single second.

2:14PM: As the election heats up, I begin plotting my transition from coffee to alcohol 2:15PM: Alcohol

People are already sharing their election night "drinking games."

Election Day drinking game: drink until you're a legal citizen of different country

Want to make this Election Day feel better? Take a shot each time you see an "I voted" sticker on snapchat. You'll be drunk in no time.

Election Day drinking game: Just drink. A lot. You'll need it.

And they're getting dark reeeal fast.

Fun 2016 election drinking game: chug enough alcohol to put yourself in a coma for the next 4 years until better candidates come along!!!!

election drinking game: every state trump wins, take a shot. if he wins the election, drink until you die of alcohol poisoning

Election Day Drinking Game every state Trump wins, drink every state Clinton wins, drink How to win: You die before the election is over.

Across the nation, wine is being chugged.

Before this election, I liked wine. During this election, I really liked wine. Today, I NEED wine. #electionday… https://t.co/Nz1hHm2Qhr

This election day just makes me want 50 bottles of wine.

Some bought different booze for different moods.

Went to the liquor store for election alcohol. Bought champagne and everclear because this night can only go one of two ways

Armageddon or election night prep? This election is making me fat. Champagne if she wins, tequila if she doesn't.… https://t.co/2DF9khuAbr

I bought a bottle of champagne. If Hillary wins, I open it. If Trump wins, I take it out back and smash it to pieces with a fucking shovel.

Some created their own signature cocktails.

My special drink for tonight: Trashfire 3 parts 13% Imperial Stout 1 part Fireball Whiskey Forget your worries/t… https://t.co/2go4nPtWk9

And some just want to pour themselves a nice, tall glass of bleach.

Who wants to bring over the bleach to start this election drinking game?

throwing a BYOB* election party tonight *final "B" will either stand for "beer" or "bleach" stay tuned!


No matter what the outcome, the entirety of America is going to be very hungover tomorrow.

its election day baby. youknow what that means. its time to drink precisely one America and call 911

My thoughts on the election: win or lose we booze

There's one true winner in tonight's election, and it's our nation's alcohol industry.

No matter the outcome of this election: the alcohol industry will see a huge spike in sales

It's election day. Don't forget to exercise your right to drink

Pregaming the election cuz I'm not getting that kind of news sober.

There's only one way tonight can end:

I just spelled out "happy Election Day" in projectile vomit.


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