Everyone Please Take This Very Wholesome Survey So Mrs. Porter's Second-Grade Class Can Learn About Graphs

Pizza or soup?

A second-grade class in Indiana is learning about graphs, and they need you to help by filling out their (very cute and wholesome) survey.

It's kind of amazing.

Some of the questions are a real doozy.

You can only pick one!!!!

The survey comes from Kara Porter's second-grade class at North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana.

People are really, really loving it.

SO PURE 😭😭😭 https://t.co/K5i7oMjrv7

this is the best thing I've ever seen . USING NEWER TECHNOLOGY TO GIVE 2ND GRADERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO L E A R N M O… https://t.co/SRlXU0ukJ2

PIZZA GIRAFFE NON FARMER https://t.co/N9hrPaxG5n

better than a buzzfeed quiz https://t.co/jEZkEFBTsp

It got so popular it actually crashed at one point.

Some of the questions proved rather divisive.

only real ones voted for soup over pizza #soupgang #crackersinmysoupalways https://t.co/N8rBeABy0H


I spent way too long deciding between coloring and board games. https://t.co/uF7LnMgs9I

That Lion vs. Monkey question almost shattered me. https://t.co/eGdiQrw9lA

And some just get a bit too real.

uh oh Mrs. Porter's 2nd Grade Class Survey has outed me as a complete piece of shit. join me here:… https://t.co/cuP7b4Aa8L

Porter said her class is "thrilled" that their survey is getting so many responses.

Take the survey here!

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