Police Have Captured The Connecticut Student Accused Of Killing Two People

“The suspect will face justice, and this will bring closure,” Trooper First Class Christine Jeltema said. “This is what is important to the families of the victims.”

Peter Manfredonia, a 23-year-old college student accused of killing two people, has been arrested after a six-day manhunt that spanned three states, police said Wednesday night.

Manfredonia, a senior at the University of Connecticut, allegedly murdered two men, assaulted another person, and abducted a woman who was later found unharmed.

Connecticut State Police said Manfredonia had been located and taken into custody late Wednesday night.

He was found near a travel center in Hagerstown, Maryland "when he walked from a nearby wooded area," Maryland State Police said.

***WILLINGTON HOMICDE UPDATE*** Most current photos of the suspect, Peter Manfredonia. Last seen in East Stroudsburg, PA. PA law enforcement agencies are actively looking for the suspect. Do NOT approach, he is ARMED AND DANGEROUS, call 911 immediately.

Neither he nor the officers were injured during the arrest, Connecticut State Police Trooper First Class Christine Jeltema said at a press conference following the arrest.

“The suspect will face justice, and this will bring closure,” Jeltema said. “This is what is important to the families of the victims.”

Manfredonia will return to Connecticut to face charges sometime next week.

Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Michael Pendleton provided more details about the arrest in a press conference Thursday afternoon.

A team of investigators comprising members of the Maryland State Police, Connecticut State Police, U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were receiving an update on Manfredonia at the Hagerstown travel center when they saw a man matching the fugitive's description emerging from the woods, Pendleton said. The law enforcement officers drew their weapons and Manfredonia immediately surrendered.

"He immediately did what he was told, he did not resist and no force was used to execute the arrest," Pendleton said.

After he was taken into custody, Manfredonia led the arresting officers to an area 200 yards into the woods where he had left his weapon.

The search for Manfredonia began on Friday, when he attacked two elderly men with an edged weapon, police said. Theodore Demers, 62, died from his injuries.

Early Sunday morning, police believe, the suspect broke into a house and stole several firearms. Hours later, Manfredonia's acquaintance, Nicholas J. Eisele, was found dead in his home in Derby, Connecticut.

Manfredonia also allegedly stole a car from Eisele's home and kidnapped a woman, who was later found unharmed in Paterson, New Jersey. Police said she identified him as her captor.

Police have not yet said anything about Manfredonia's motive. They had warned the public he was armed and dangerous while on the loose.

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