People Were So Over Elaine Quijano Getting Constantly Interrupted During The Debate

And of course, there were a lot of Seinfeld jokes.

At Tuesday's vice presidential debate, there was one sentiment that seemed to transcend party lines: Mike Pence and Tim Kaine needed to calm the F down and listen to moderator Elaine Quijano.

Pretty accurate summary of the #VPDebate:

Quijano — who is the first Asian-American journalist to moderate a national debate, and the youngest moderator since 1988 — was repeatedly interrupted and spoken over by both candidates.

And people were just not down with that.

"gentlemen, i want to move on." —elaine, but also all of us #VPDebate

Elaine Quijano needs a bell. Or a gong. Or something.


A crowd favorite moment occurred when Quijano told them, "Gentlemen, no one at home can understand you when you speak over each other."

moderator: "gentlemen, no one at home can understand you when you talk over each other" elaine aint' fucking around with em #vpdebate

Throw @Elaine_Quijano a parade for her telling the candidates that nobody can understand them when they're talking over each other

Of course, many a Seinfeld joke were made.

If I wanted to watch two white dudes bicker near a woman named Elaine, I would definitely just watch Seinfeld.

elaine moving on to the next topic #VPDebate

People reeeally thought the VP candidates were acting like children.

Elaine: If you two don't stop this, I am going to pull this debate over right now and you are going to walk home.

Elaine, every parent/caretaker feels your pain. #VPDebate

And a few thought she'd "lost control" of the debate.

Elaine Quijano is losing control, plain and simple. The men just keep talking over each other

And.... Elaine Quijano has lost control.

But a lot of women disagreed, and related hard to the struggle of being repeatedly interrupted.

Tonight, Elaine is every woman who has ever had a job, waiting to speak while the men around her fight to interrupt themselves. #VPDebate

Elaine is going to get criticized whether she raises her voice or she continues to roll OVER when interrupted ISNT BEING A WOMAN FUN

when you spend a perfectly good Tuesday evening listening to white men yelling

At the end of the debate, most everyone agreed: homegirl deserved a DRINK.

Where's the Go Fund Me to buy Elaine Quijano a drink? #VPDebate


Someone is really going to have to buy @Elaine_Quijano a martini after this.

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