People Swag Surfed In Front Of The White House To Raise Cancer Awareness

Too epic.

At the White House's "South by South Lawn" festival on Monday, a big group of attendees gathered for a "swag surf" on the White House lawn to raise awareness for blood cancer.

Bruh we just swag surfed at the White House 😭 support @MillionSwagSurf

This epic moment was planned by Jason Mowatt, whose organization, Million Swag Surf, is working to get more people registered as bone marrow donors. They plan to organize giant "swag surfs," a dance Mowatt described as "a symbol of unity among millennials of color," all over the country to raise awareness for the cause.

Mowatt told BuzzFeed News he decided to start Million Swag Surf after his friend's niece, Shannon Tavarez, who starred in "The Lion King" on Broadway as Nala, developed leukemia and died at 11-years-old.

Thousands have watched the video, and it's giving people all the feels.

This is black excellence 🙌🏽😂

Jealous that I didn't experience this epic moment. But I'm here for it. ✊🏾

This is so iconic I could cry 😩

"It was really awesome to make this happen," Mowatt said. "Now a lot of people are aware of this project that we’re doing."

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