These Old Photos Of Hot And Cool Grandparents Are A Great Break From The Wild News Cycle

Talk about stunners.

On Monday, one of the cohosts of BuzzFeed News' AM to DM, Isaac Fitzgerald, shared an old photograph on Twitter of his grandfather looking like "a goddamn stunner."

For no reason whatsoever look at what a goddamn stunner my grandfather was. ✨

In a follow-up tweet, Fitzgerald encouraged people to share photos of their grandparents looking awesome and stylish as well.

Hit by a wave of nostalgia (or maybe just needing a respite from the midterm elections news cycle), many, many people obliged.

The photos they shared were amazing. Like these grandmas, werking it and getting shit done in amazing outfits.

@IsaacFitzgerald This is my favorite picture of my grandmother.

@IsaacFitzgerald My beautiful nain

@IsaacFitzgerald My grandma hunting in a fur coat and heels while pregnant. Apparently she was the best shot in the family.

Or this grandpa with a nice head of hair.

@IsaacFitzgerald My Mor-Far (grandfather) During WWII, whiles stationed in Italy.

And these lovebirds.

@IsaacFitzgerald My grandparents ...caught kissing. They were so in love all their lives ❤️

Many people shared stories to go along with the photos.

@IsaacFitzgerald Funny Story! The last memory I have of my 90 year old grandmother is of her watching @Sethrogen Pineapple Express Laughing her Ass off!!! Good one to have!🍍🍁😂

@blove4580602 @IsaacFitzgerald My Grandma Jenny holding a sheep for the Queen to inspect in 1954, she’s leaning forward on the left side “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh inspect sheep at The Showground Dubbo (N.S.W.) 1954”

Others paid respect to those who have died.

@IsaacFitzgerald My grandmother at 13. She'll he gone 4 years this veteran's day.

In many cases, the family resemblance was uncanny.

@IsaacFitzgerald i'm so late to this party but in looking for a particular photo of my grandma, i found this photo set my mom posted on my 18th birthday. 3 generations of fly-ness i would say (though wow i am not NEARLY as cute as my ancestors haha) Parthena (Granny Peg), Lisa (Mommy), Me!

And don't worry — many people proved they are STILL looking fly.

@IsaacFitzgerald This is them on their wedding 1955 and them 62 years later. They are the light of my world. And still as spunky as ever.

People started to talk in the thread, and one person even restored a photo for someone else.

@jonnot @IsaacFitzgerald With respect to your grandparents 🙏🙏 I did photo restoration

Do you have a cool old photo of your grandparents? Share them with us in the comments!

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