People Love This Dad And His Insanely Cute Turtle Hat

"You cannot take yourself too seriously with a turtle on your head."

Meet Lynn Johnson, a 63-year-old from Indiana and the proud owner of a hat that looks like a turtle.

And now, Johnson's got a big goal: he wants to fill the world with turtle hats.

Johnson decided to start the campaign when he realized his beloved hat was getting worn out.

People near and far agreed: Lynn Johnson and his turtle hat were too pure for this Earth.

The Turtle Hat Kickstarter is so kind and irony-free that I don't even think I can handle it. I respect it

Honestly I hope the cold dead heart of the internet never changes this beautiful man.

Give 👏 your 👏 money 👏 to 👏 the 👏 turtle 👏 hat 👏 dad 👏

Johnson said his family loves the turtle hat, and he even wore it to officiate his daughter's wedding recently.

“You can not be rude when wearing a turtle," Johnson wrote on Kickstarter. "Not only would it be impolite, you will also look stupid.”

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