Kellyanne Conway's Inauguration Outfit Gave People A Lot Of Feelings

"I wanna look like a Harry Potter villain, but American."

Kellyanne Conway appears to have worn this wool, A-line Gucci coat to the inauguration, which retails for $3,600.

The Gucci Store in the Trump Tower had no comment for BuzzFeed News on whether or not Conway purchased the outfit there.

The corporate office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Conway called the outfit “Trump Revolutionary Wear," according to Time. Designer clothing site Net-A-Porter said that the design was "inspired by the city of London."

People made a lot of jokes about the outfit, many of which were English-related. There were A LOT of Paddington Bear allusions.


Seriously, a lot.

Who wore it better: Kellyanne Conway or Paddington Bear?

Others turned to song.

♫ Guns. And ships. And so the balance shifts. ♫

Other comparisons were historical...but French.

Kellyanne Conway going for the "Napoleon" look I see #Inauguration #DisruptJ20

There aren't a lot of nice things I can say about Kellyanne Conway but one is I think she would have made a better…

But mostly people were all over the map with what imagery the ~look~ inspired.

Apparently the Music Man has arrived in town for a four-year engagement.

When you have captured the notorious Flag Bandit and are bringing her in for your reward.

Why does Kellyanne Conway look like the old New England Patriots logo?

Kellyanne Conway looks like an American Girl Doll named Líar

"i wanna look like a harry potter villain, but american" "say no more fam"

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