People Are Laughing/Screaming Over This Sex Toy That's Basically A Windmill For Your Vagina

"There's no way this sex toy, meant to simulate oral, was designed by a woman."

This is the Sqweel 2, an oral sex simulator made by sex toy company Lovehoney.

It became the subject of a great deal of Twitter discourse on Wednesday, mainly due to it looking like a tiny vagina windmill that was almost certainly designed by a man.

there's no way this sex toy, meant to simulate oral, was designed by a woman

Or one of those water-spraying fans you begged your parents to buy you at Disney World.

It gave people some serious paddleboat vibes.

speak for yourself, i exclusively date paddleboats

@BrandyLJensen ah instead of getting motorboated, you get paddleboated

Or is it a Glade plug-in?

This ain't a new design for Glade plug-ins?

Imaginations ran truly wild.

@BasedMoonshine @BrandyLJensen green giant but a lady and terrorizing the country side by humping water wheels

@adequateGF @BrandyLJensen i imagine it has a string you pull to get it going and it makes a wizzing sound and you…

This looks like a fucking medieval waterwheel

And people pondered how the toy came to be.

The man who designed this thing is bad at sex.

The guy that invented this def does that alphabet bullshit with his tongue.

"It leaves you frustrated & disappointed, just like a real man!" - I assume that was the sales pitch/tagline for th…

"We call this one The Buzzsaw." "Frank, I don't think-" "I'M A MAN, DAMMIT. I KNOW WHAT WOMEN WANT."

@BrandyLJensen I don't think this was even intended for women, this is for the pleasure of someone whose fetish is…

(And in case you were wondering, yes, this was actually invented by a man).

OK so I had to Google this and it was invented by a man called TREVOR I mean seriously.

Read more about the toy's inventory, Trevor Murphy, here.

So, how do people actually like Sqweel?

A lot of reviewers have called it "oddly accurate" and "clit lapping heaven", could be worse, I guess?

A Lovehoney rep told BuzzFeed News the toy "got a great response from female testers" and suggested people to not "knock it till you’ve tried it."

Still, it only comes away with a 3.5 star rating, and has garnered quite a few ~colorful~ negative reviews. Here's a sampling of them for your reading pleasure:

• "Felt more like I was abusing myself with a balloon whisk."

• "Like having oral with a tired husband."

• "Not sure what they were smoking when they came up with a wheel of tongues."

• "I tried it on penises, and they were pretty nonplussed about the whole experience."

• "I have to say that I found the fan too cooling and a bit of a turn-off."

• "Actually made my vagina depressed."

• "I am very disappointed."

OK bye!

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