Here's A Bunch Of Hilarious Fake Newscasts Because Whatever It's Friday

Why can't I stop watching these?

At the Newseum, a museum of journalism in Washington, D.C., visitors can pretend to be reporters and film their own newscasts.

Until earlier this year, visitors could opt to upload their broadcasts to the Newseum's YouTube channel.

While that feature no longer exists, the videos live on an unofficial "Newseum Archives" YouTube channel.

Sage Boggs, a writer at Mic, discovered the majesty of these videos and introduced the world to them Thursday on Twitter.

Here are some of the greats:

There's "Ben Dover," who is literally all of us.

I've never related to another person more

And Nicole, who reps the Wildcats hard.

If I had to commentate on sports this is almost exactly what I would sound like

Bill seems to be going through some dark stuff.

"Boo Boo" really gives it his all.

Though "Tinkle Myfinkle" barely even tries.

I don't think Tinkle did his research

One little girl is very cute but also possibly haunted.

I don't know if Maddie is adorable or terrifying

And a Newseum employee named Jo makes multiple appearances to test out the equipment — and his golf swing.

"Dancin' Ashley" is just here to DANCE.

Same with this reporter.

And last but not least, Rappo, who is just too good for this world.

Check out the full thread here.

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