The Guy Who Got Matching Neuter Tattoos With His Dog Wants You To Know He Did It On Purpose

"A lot of people are saying 'I'd do anything for my pet,' but would you? Would you get a neutered sign tattooed on your bicep?"

This is Chris Mendiola, a 26-year-old from Texas, and his dog Bear.


"[Bear] bounced from home to home before he came to my family," Mendiola told BuzzFeed News.

When he got Bear in 2010, Mendiola noticed that the pup had a small tattoo on his underbelly. He found it sickening that anyone would tattoo a dog.


He's deeply opposed to modifying pets' bodies in any way, whether that's ear cropping, tail docking, or — of course — tattoos.

"I just thought, wow, that kind of sucks," he said.

So, on Saturday, he decided to get a matching tattoo. He announced the new ink on Facebook.

"For those of you who know bear know that he has a tattoo given to him from some previous owners. It sickens me to know that people actually tattoo their pets. So tonight I got his tattoo," he wrote.

But Mendiola's announcement...didn't exactly warm hearts. Instead, people pointed out that the tattoo is quite common on dogs and just means they were neutered.

And quite a few people made jokes asking if Mendiola was neutered too.

It went massively viral. One of Mendiola's high school classmates posted screenshots of it on Reddit, and then it spread to Twitter.

Thank you, Reddit, for the best bad tattoo story of all time

So, at this point, Mendiola was being made fun on three different websites.

I hope the artist knew and laughed their ass off after.

This too, was my schadenfreude of the day 😂

People are fr dumb 😭😂

Here's the plot twist: Mendiola told BuzzFeed News he knew exactly what the tattoo meant when he got it, and he has no regrets.


"We talked to our vet about the tattoo. I knew what it meant," he said.

He also said he "knew what he was getting [him]self into" by posting about it, and he isn't too bothered by people making fun of him.

"They can believe and say what they want," he said. "But the tattoo is not for them, it’s for me."

He sees his tattoo as a sign of his love for Bear, who he called his best friend.


"I get to carry my dog with me everywhere I go," he said. "I can just look down and know I have a part of him with me at all times."

And he wonders if the people making fun of him could possibly love their pets as much as he does.

"A lot of people are saying 'I'd do anything for my pet,' but would you?" he asked. "Would you get a neutered sign tattooed on your bicep?"