Miss Cleo, Psychic Known For Her '90s Infomercials, Dies At 53

Miss Cleo was well-known for her infomercials in the '90s, where she'd urge viewers to "call me now."

Lilly Echeverria / MCT

Miss Cleo, the iconic TV psychic, died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, Florida, after a long battle with cancer, according to TMZ. She was 53.

A rep for Miss Cleo, whose real name was Youree Dell Harris, said she was a "pillar of strength" throughout her illness, and died with friends and family by her side.

Harris was well-known for her late night infomericals in the '90s, where she would urge viewers to "call me now," in what became her classic catchphrase.

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Despite the Jamaican character she became known for, Harris was actually born and raised in Los Angeles.

Following her career as a TV psychic, she did voiceover work for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002.

In 2006, inspired by her teenage godson, Harris came out as a lesbian.

Lilly Echeverria / MCT

“He and I started talking when he was concerned about coming out. He was 16. When he made the decision I told him I’d be there to support him 100%, and he embraced [coming out] wholeheartedly,” she told The Advocate.

“It’s a different vibe than when I was his age, being raised Catholic in an all-girls boarding school. But he was afraid of nothing, and I thought, I can’t be a hypocrite. This boy is going to force me to put my money where my mouth is.”

People everywhere are mourning her and sharing their favorite memories.

And thanking her for the impact she made by coming out.