This Kindergarten Class Threw A "Millionaire Bash" To Celebrate Reading 1 Million Words In A Year

They even rolled up in a limo and signed autographs for their "fans."

This is Breyden Suragh, 6, a kindergartener in Columbus, Georgia.

On Wednesday, Breyden and his classmates turned up in style at the "Millionaire Bash," a class party celebrating every student for reading 1 million words that year.

They even rolled up in a limousine!

When they got to the classroom, each student walked the red carpet as their parents cheered them on.

Of course, they donned their most dapper duds and signed autographs for their adoring fans.

After Suragh's brother, Maurice Burton, tweeted the photos of his nephew, hearts everywhere exploded.

Shoutout to my nephew. His school had a "millionaire bash" for the kids that read over a million words in the schoo…

People were praising the school for instilling a love of reading in the children...

This is the most precious thing ever pls encourage all your little ones to be well-read

Love this creative and fun incentive to foster a love of a reading.

celebrating the right things! ❤️

...and melting over how cute Breyden is in his fresh outfit.

@HeatnBuckeyes @spinnellii Ya boy too fresh! #BlackBoyJoy

That boy is looking like a million dollars for sure, love his fit! haha

But he's so swaggy tho! Lol...This is dope

@HeatnBuckeyes @feministripper You tell him good job for all of us

Suragh said she's so proud of how far her son has come as a reader this year.

"You push your children, and you want the best for them," said Suragh.