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People Are Petitioning For A Confederate Statue To Be Replaced With A Statue Of Snooty The Manatee

"The best news out of Florida today is that 4,000 people want to replace a confederate statue with a manatee statue."

Posted on July 25, 2017, at 3:39 p.m. ET

Snooty, a beloved manatee who lived at the South Florida Museum, died Sunday, just days after his 69th birthday.

Jessica Schubick, South Florida Museum / Via

Snooty was the world's oldest known manatee, according to the aquarium.

People were devastated by the loss of the manatee, who was a hometown hero in Bradenton, Florida.

People are beginning to leave tributes to #Snooty

All I'm saying is that Manatee County better throw Snooty the best dang funeral a manatee can have. #ripsnooty

And now, a petition has been created to replace a Confederate memorial statue near the aquarium with one of Snooty. It's already received over 4,800 signatures.

Anthony Pusateri, the 29-year-old from Bradenton who created the petition, told BuzzFeed News he visited Snooty many times throughout his childhood. He was "heartbroken" when he'd heard of his death.

After hearing people talking about removing the local Confederate monument — something Pusateri called "a symbol of slavery, racism, bigotry, and divisiveness" — he thought it presented an opportunity to memorialize Snooty instead, a "positive symbol of what is good about the community," he said.

Florida Public Archaeology Network

"[Snooty] has done far more for this town than the Confederate army ever has," said Pusateri. "His legacy should be remembered for generations to come."

Support for the petition is quickly growing.

The best news out of #Florida today is that 4,000 people want to replace a confederate statue with a manatee statue

I can get behind this

i've never supported a petition more in my life

People think it would be a beautiful, fitting tribute.

Um manatees>>>>>racist participation trophies any day! Please sign and share! via @Change

Way down south in the land of cotton Manatees won't be forgotten

This is the America I believe in: