The Crowds For The Women's March Are Much Larger Than The Inauguration

The DC Metro on Friday for the inauguration was deserted. On Saturday it was PACKED.

Following a day of lower than typical ridership for Inauguration Day, the DC Metro is packed for the Women's March.

Photos of the Shady Grove Metro station currently. Hearing it's an hour wait to get on the train. O____o…

Metro officials wrote on Twitter that they were experiencing "extremely large crowds," with many stations "at capacity."

As of 11 a.m., people have taken 275,000 Metro rides today alone — "more than eight times a normal Saturday and even busier than most weekdays," Metro officials said.

Metro Ridership as of 11am: 275k. For comparison, that's more than 8x a normal Sat & even busier than most weekdays. #wmata #womensmarch

Here's how empty the Metro was yesterday, for Inauguration Day:

Deserted metro on #Inauguration morning. This is not what it looked like in 2008 & 2012.

Hardly a stampede to the Inauguration. Inside the Red Line at Adams Morgan en route to The Mall.

Yesterday's low ridership also contrasts the packed Metros during previous inaugurations:

Metro Ridership: As of 11am, 193k trips taken so far today. (11am 1/20/13 = 317k, 11am 1/20/09 = 513k, 11am 1/20/05 = 197k) #wmata

Here's how the crowds compare for Trump's inauguration versus the Women's March so far:

Fairly staggering difference in crowd numbers between #Inauguration and #WomensMarch

People are sharing videos and photos of the Metro stations, many of which appear to be mob scenes:

This is the line TO GET ONTO THE METRO near DC. Yesterday, we walked right in. This march is going to be gargantuan.

Huge crowds at #Bethesda Metro headed to #WomensMarch @mymcmedia

Of course, many riders are wearing pussy hats:

Totally packed metro today for Women's March. So much busier than inauguration yesterday

And carrying signs:

A police officer told me this is like Obama in 2009. Unreal. Capitol South metro. #WomensMarch

And some have even said fellow riders are handing out water and snacks:

The line at #Reston metro stop for #WomensMarch! People handing out waters and granola❤

Crowds of women are cheering as they exit the stations:

Women cheering as they exit the metro at Union Station #WomensMarch

Some who opted to skip the Metro crowds and Uber instead are seeing nearly 5x surge pricing:

Hour long metro lines, 4.5 surge on @Uber_DC, and a 30 minute walk. Whoohooo! #WomensMarch

Morning of #WomensMarch @Uber is surging nearly 5x at @HyattTweets in Courthouse and Metro is packed cc…

And many said their Uber drivers have told them "yesterday was slow but today is already very busy."

Uber driver says yesterday was slow but today is already very very busy. Expect much larger crowd at today's protest than inauguration

DC Uber driver told me yesterday that he had no work on #inauguration day. Ahead of #WomansMarch things are differ…

"We all thought we'd be picking up people for the Inauguration," one person said her driver said. "But instead all we've done is pick up groups of women."

"We all thought we'd be picking up people for the Inauguration, but instead all we've done is pick up groups of women" -Uber driver in DC

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