People Are Freaking Out Because This Couple Look Legit Identical

They swear they're not related.

Meet couple Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves, a pair of 17-year-olds going viral for a pretty...interesting reason.

But there's something strange about the picture...I just can't put my finger on it...


Pareves said people point out their resemblance "all the time."

"In the pictures we take together, people will say that," he said. "But usually in our day-to-day life, people have gotten used to it."

"We did think [the picture] was funny, but it was just like, 'Okay...people are going to say we look alike,' but that’s it," Vazquez said.

Needless to say, that was...not it.

I need u to look me in my eyes with a straight face and say yall ain't the same person

y'all look like gotdam twins lmao i thought this was photoshopped

People had all the jokes.

just say "i love myself" and go

Best face swap of all time 💀

Especially weird, incest-y jokes.

u sure that ain't ur brother

Lannister be Like

The couple said they really didn’t expect the huge response, but they've been having a good laugh about the whole thing.

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