People Are Dragging KFC For Replacing Colonel Sanders With His Wife Because Feminism

"This is 100% Colonel Sanders in drag trying to get his kids back."

To celebrate International Women's Day on Thursday, KFC Malaysia decided to make Colonel Sanders' wife its new logo.

Yes, this is real.

“KFC Malaysia recognizes and celebrates that our people are the key to our success," a spokesperson for the company told BuzzFeed News. "The recognition of Claudia Sanders on International Women’s Day is also dedicated to celebrating every KFCer whose ideas, hard work and passion contribute to making our organization stronger.”

In related feminism/fried chicken news, KFC announced in January that Reba McEntire would be the first woman to appear as Colonel Sanders in an ad.

So, who was Claudia Sanders actually?

She was real, and she was, in fact, the colonel's wife — his second wife, actually.

According to his daughter Margaret, Claudia Price became Colonel Sanders' mistress after she was hired to help with his first wife's housework. They married in 1949.

"It was evident from the beginning that her presence would create turmoil," Margaret wrote of her father's affair. "Mother refused to accept that she alone could not satisfy Father's physical needs, which from the very beginning of their marriage had seemed excessive to her.

"Neither promiscuous nor a whoremonger, Father nevertheless had a libido which required a healthy, willing partner," she wrote. "He found one in young Claudia."

So, there's that!!!

Also celebrating International Women's Day, McDonalds flipped its golden arches upside down on Thursday so it would look like a "W" instead of an "M," because women.

No word yet if Popeyes will change its name to Olive Oyl to celebrate the big day.

Anyway, here are a bunch of tweets roasting KFC.

This is 100% Colonel Sanders in drag trying to get his kids back.

If Reba is now the Colonel, then this makes the Colonel a canonical queer icon, don't @ me

I can’t imagine this stage of capitalism is any worse than the next one where it all collapses and we all die

Your move, Burger Queen

I won't rest until @Wendys gives us Mendy's.

Gender equality won't be fully achieved until Papa John's is replaced by Mama John's

Happy International Women's Day, and thank you to brands for your noble fight against sexism.

Women: Pay us equally. Stop harassing us. Stop interrupting us. Respect our bodies. World:

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