Here's What It's Actually Like To Shop At Limited Too In 2017

This time, we didn’t have to beg our moms to take us.

If you ever begged your mom to buy you rainbow-sequin gauchos in the '90s or early 2000s, you probably remember Limited Too.

We went to check it out. Here's a glimpse at what they're selling:

1. This fuzzy diary for keeping your deepest, darkest secrets in (and playing M.A.S.H.):

2. This dope AF bomber jacket:

3. These low-key mesmerizing notebooks:

4. This backpack for carrying your gel pens and Lisa Frank folders in:

5. This denim dress perfect for showing Brad from PE you like-like him:

6. This shirt we'd actually probably wear now???

7. This notebook that knows what time it is:

8. This fan (for selfies, obv):

9. These ~fly~ shades:

10. These smiley-face undies:

11. Camo galore:

12. These headbands to inspire you to stay strong after Brad from PE asks you to ask your best friend Tanya if she like-likes him:

13. Socks:

14. This sparkly phone case:

15. This cheetah-licious backpack:

16. PUFFY STICKERS!!!!!!!!

17. Some fresh kicks:

18. A mood watch:

19. A looooot of emojis:

H.A.G.S. bee-yotches! 😘 ✌️

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