John Boyega Almost Missed The "Last Jedi" Premiere Because He Got Snowed In At Atlanta

The actor sent some pretty panicked tweets from the airport. Hey, we've all been there.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor John Boyega almost had to miss the Saturday night premiere of his movie in Los Angeles because of heavy snowfall that caused flight cancellations in Atlanta.

Atlanta was hit with extremely heavy snow on Saturday morning, with local reports estimating it to have totaled up to 12 inches in some places.

Boyega, who plays Finn in the movies, began sending a bunch of panicked tweets from the airport on Saturday.

"Looks like no one's leaving," he wrote in one. "Trying to get back for the LA premiere!"

Wow ATL. Looks like no one’s leaving! Guess I’ll start a family now....

Cold! My thighs won’t even generate the heat anymore.

Trying to get back for the LA premiere! I actually NEED a pilot !!!

Rian Johnson, the movie's director, even replied to Boyega with hopes that he would still make it.

@JohnBoyega Hahahaha oh my god GET HERE JOHN!

@rianjohnson Roger that! BB-8 PUNCH IT!!!

A spokesperson for Boyega told BuzzFeed News on Saturday afternoon that after being "held up in the airport overnight," the actor's flight was eventually able to take off. He is currently on schedule to make it to the premiere.

Sure enough, he landed in Los Angeles — without any luggage, but still in time to enjoy the big night!

I made it ! Without luggage but wooooooooohoooo! As if weather can stop a Nigerian kmt

Harrison will land that ship in the damn auditorium! I’m here though thank you and thanks everyone ! See you tonig…

Looks like he managed to make do.

JOHN BOYEGA IS FINALLY HERE!!! #TheLastJedi World Premiere!

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