People Are Actually Petitioning For "House Of Cards" To Replace Kevin Spacey With Kevin James

King of Queens of Cards.

After Netflix announced they would cut ties with Kevin Spacey after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, questions arose about what the final season of House of Cards would look like without its former lead.

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Would they kill off Spacey's character and make Robin Wright the lead? End the show prematurely?

Well, fans of the show have another suggestion: "Keep Netflix's House of Cards running with Kevin James replacing Kevin Spacey."

The petition, which was launched less than a week ago, already has nearly 30,000 signatures.

"Kevin James is a national treasure. Kevin Spacey is a rapist. Both are named Kevin. Seems like a smart business decision to me," one petitioner explained as his reason for signing.

"it's fricking paul blart," another signer eloquently wrote.

The petition has amassed quite a bit of support online.

Do your part people!

If you do one thing today, sign this amazing petition.

A cause we can all get behind @JustinMonty

While it seems that King of Queens of Cards (alt title: House of Blart) is merely a fantasy for now, James hasn't said he WOULDN'T be down for the role, so...there's hope, I guess?

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BuzzFeed News has reached out to James to see if his TV presidency is imminent.