This "Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen" Parody Is Almost Too Dank


And now for the best/worst/weirdest thing you'll see all day: this Hillary Clinton parody ad that's chock-full o' memes.

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Created by Super Deluxe and directed by Mike Diva (the cinematic genius behind that fake Donald Trump ad and the Kazoo Kid trap remix), it shows a side of the presidential candidate most of us haven't seen before: a lover of dank memes. A "Meme Queen," if you will.

"Hillary" rides into the Oval Office reppin' Dat Boi.

And sips on some Lipton, Tea Lizard–style.

She says she's got "a foreign policy so good you'll want to Harlem Shake."

Grumpy Cat makes an appearance.

As does Nyan Cat.

"Pokémon Go to the polls!" she says, as Harambe pops in to punch Charmander in the face.

She vapes, she dabs, she does it all.

It's simultaneously the best and worst thing ever.

"Oh, I'm sorry, are my memes too dank for you?" she asks.

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