Here's Everything Brett Kavanaugh Was Asked At His Senate Hearing On The Sexual Assault Allegations

"What do you consider to be too many beers?" “Have you ever at any time engaged in sexual behavior with Dr. Ford?” "Do you wish she never came forward?"

The Senate hearing for the testimony of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who alleges he sexually assaulted her in high school, Christine Blasey Ford, lasted roughly eight hours Thursday, at times with heated exchanges.

Here is every questions senators on the Judiciary Committee asked Kavanaugh during his testimony, which came after Ford's.

"Have you been given or reviewed a copy of the questions that I will be asking you?"

"Has anyone told you the questions that I will be asking you?"

"I want you to take a moment to review the definition that's before you of sexual behavior. Have you had a chance to review it?”

"Among the examples of sexual behavior it includes rubbing or grinding your genitals against somebody, clothed or unclothed. I would also point out the definition applies whether or not the acts were sexual or horseplay. Do you understand the definition I've given you?”

“Do you know Mark Judge?”

“How do you know him?”

“What is your relationship with him like now?”

“And how do you know Patrick Smith?”

“What is your relationship like with him now?”

"Do you know Leland Ingram or Leland Kaiser?"

"It's my understanding that you have denied the allegations by Dr. Ford, Miss Ramirez, and Miss Swetnick. Is that correct?"

"If you're very confident of your position, and you appear to be, why aren't you also asking the FBI to investigate these claims?"

"And what you're saying, if I understand it, the allegations by Dr. Ford, Miss Ramirez and Miss Swetnick are wrong?"

"Did you consume alcohol during your high school years?"

"What do you consider to be too many beers?"

"When you talked to Fox News the other night, you said there were times in high school when people might have had too many beers on occasion. Does that include you?"

"Have you ever passed out from drinking?"

"In high school, after drinking, did you ever wake up in a different location than you remembered passing out or going to sleep?"

"Did you ever wake up with your clothes in a different condition or fewer clothes on than you remembered when you went to sleep or passed out?"

"Did anyone ever tell you about something that happened in your presence that you didn't remember during a time that you had been drinking?"

"During the time in high school when you would be drinking, did anyone ever tell you about something that you did not remember?"

"Were you ever at a gathering that fits that description?"

"Have you ever been alone in a room with Dr. Ford and Mark Judge?"

"Have you ever ground or rubbed your genitals against Dr. Ford?"

"Have you ever covered Dr. Ford's mouth with your hand?"

"Have you ever tried to remove [Ford’s] clothes?"

“Have you ever at any time engaged in sexual behavior with Dr. Ford?”

“Have you ever engaged in in sexual behavior with Dr. Ford even if it was consensual?”

"You submitted to the committee copies of the handwritten calendars that you've talked about for the months of May, June, July, and August of 1982. Do you have them in front of you?”

"Did you create these calendars in the sense of all the handwriting that's on them?”

"Is it exclusively your handwriting?”

"When did you make these entries?”

"Has anything been changed for those since 1982?”

"Do these calendars represent your plans for each day or do they document, in other words, perspectively, or do they document what actually occurred, more like a diary?”

"You explain that you kept these calendars because your father started keeping them in 1978, I believe you said?”

"That's why you kept them, in other words, you wrote on them, but why did you keep them up until this time?”

"If she's saying Mark Judge was in the room then, then he should be in the room here today. Would you want him called as a witness?”

“[Mark Judge] authored a book titled 'Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk.' He references a Bart O'Kavanaugh vomiting in someone's car during Beach Week then passing out. Is that you that he's talking about?”

"We don't know whether that's you or not?”

"Are you Bart O'Kavanaugh he's referring to? Yes or no? “

"In your yearbook, you talked about drinking and sexual exploits. Did you not?"

"Does this yearbook reflect your focus on academics and your respect for women?”

"Judge, do you still have your calendars there?”

"The entry says, and I quote, 'Go to Timmy's for skis with Judge, Tom, P.J., Bernie, and Squee’… To what does this refer and to whom?"

"If you could just identify, is ‘Judge’ 'Mark Judge?’”

“And is ‘P.J.' 'P.J. Smith?’”

“Chris Garrett is Squee?”

"Did you in your calendar routinely document social gatherings like house parties or gatherings of friends in your calendar?”

"If a gathering like Dr. Ford has described had occurred, would you have documented that?”

"Have you reviewed every entry that is in these calendars of May, June, July, and August of 1982?”

"Is there anything that could even remotely fit what we're talking about in terms of Dr. Ford's allegations?”

"Are you aware that this type of offense would actually be investigated by local police?"

"Are you aware that in Maryland, there is no statute of limitations that would prohibit you being charged even if this happened in 1982?”

“Have you at any time been contacted by any members of local police agencies regarding this matter?”

"Have you ever been accused either formally or informally of unwanted sexual behavior?”

"Since Dr. Ford's allegation was made public, how many times have you been interviewed by the committee?”

"So have you submitted to interviews specifically about Dr. Ford's allegation?”

"And what about Deborah Ramirez’s allegation that you waved your penis in front of her?”

"What about Julie Swetnick's allegation that you repeatedly engaged in drugging and gang raping, or allowing women to be gang raped?”

"Were your answers to my questions today consistent with the answers that you gave to the committee in these various interviews?”

"If there is no truth to her charges, the FBI investigation will show that. Are you afraid that they might not?”

"Why would you resist that kind of investigation?”

"Judge Kavanaugh, will you support an FBI investigation right now?”

"Personally, do you think that's the best thing for us to do? You won't answer?”

"Did you meet with Senator Dianne Feinstein on August 20th?”

"Did you know that her staff had already recommended a lawyer to Dr. Ford?"

"Did you know that her and her staff had these allegations for over 20 days?”

"Are you a gang rapist?"

"Do you consider this a job interview?"

"Do you consider that you've been through a job interview?"

"Would you say you've been through hell?"

"Is it, in fact, your words on your yearbook page?"

"You know, lawyers should be working off of common terms and understand the words that we're I think that's a pretty basic principle among lawyers, wouldn't you agree?"

"Let's look at ‘Beach Week Ralph Club Biggest Contributor.' What does the word ‘Ralph' mean in that?"

"So, the vomiting that you reference in the 'Ralph Club' reference related to the consumption of alcohol?"

"And did the word ‘Ralph' you used… Did it refer to alcohol? Did it relate to alcohol?"

"Next one is, Judge, have you — I don't know if it's 'buffed' — how do you pronounce that?”

"You mentioned the Renata -- I don't know how you pronounce — that's the proper name of an individual you know?”

"Devil's Triangle?”

“How’s it played?”

"And there are, like, one, two, three, four, five, six seven Fs in front of the fourth of July. What does that signify, if anything?”

"'Orioles vs. Red Sox, who won that game anyway,' should we draw any conclusion that a loss of recollection associated with alcohol was involved in you not knowing who won the games that you attended?”

"Do you understand you've been accused of multiple crimes?"

"And of course the sexual assault that Dr. Ford claims that you denied, then the claims of Ms. Ramirez that not even The New York Times would report because they couldn't corroborate it, and then Stormy Daniels' lawyer released a bombshell accusing you of gang rape. All of those are crimes, are they not?"

"If you have lied to the committee and the investigators, that is a crime in and of itself, correct?”

"So, in order to vote against your nomination, we would have to conclude that you are a serial liar and you have exposed yourself to legal jeopardy in the way in your interaction with this committee and the investigators. Isn't that correct?”

"I would just suggest that you have been accused of a crime and that a fair process under the United States constitution, under our notion of fair play, means that the people who make an accusation against you have to come forward with some evidence. Isn't that part of a fair process?"

"You know, we talked about past nomination process and you talked about those, and I note that President George Bush, in the Anita Hill-Justice Thomas case, he opened up the FBI investigation and let questions be asked, and I think it was helpful for people. So, was his decision reasonable?”

"Was there ever a time when you drank so much that you couldn't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before?”

"So you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before or part of what happened?"

"When did you first learn of Dr. Ford's allegations against you?"

"Did the ranking member raise these allegations in your one-on-one meeting with her last month?"

"Did the ranking member raise them at your public hearing earlier this month?"

"Did the ranking member raise them at the closed session that followed the public hearing?"

"Did the ranking member or any of her colleagues raise them in the 1,300 written questions that were submitted to you following the hearing?"

"When was the first time that the ranking member or her staff asked you about these allegations?"

"When did you first hear of Ms. Ramirez' allegations against you?"

"Did the ranking member or any of her colleagues or staff ask you about Ms. Ramirez' allegations before they were leaked to the press?"

"When was the first time that the ranking member or any of her colleagues or any of their staff asked you about Ms. Ramirez' allegations?"

“Let me, if I can, return to a line of questioning my colleague was on before. Which was about whether you've ever gotten aggressive while drinking or forgotten an evening after drinking."

"Do you remember Liz Swisher, a college classmate of yours, from Yale?”

"[Liz Swisher] said Brett Kavanaugh drank more than a lot of people, he'd end up slurring words, stumbling. It's not credible for him to say he's had no memory lapses on the nights he drank to excess. I know because I drank with him. How should we assess that?"

"But suppose you'd gone through a process to select someone for an incredibly important job and a position, you had a lot of qualified candidates and as you're finishing the hiring process, you learn of a credible allegation that if true would be disqualifying. Wouldn't you either take a step back and conduct a thorough investigation or move to a different candidate?"

"And why not agree to a one-week pause to allow the FBI to investigate all these allegations and allow you an opportunity, a week from now, to have the folks present in front of us for us to assess their credibility and for us to either clear your name or resolve these allegations by moving to a different nominee?"

"We did 38 hours in public with you. Did we have any private hearings with you?"

"Was that a fun time for you, when senators could ask questions that are awkward or uncomfortable about potential alcoholism, potential gambling addiction, credit card debt, if your buddies floated you money to buy baseball tickets, did you enjoy that time we spent in here late one night?"

"Were you ever asked about any sexual allegations when we had that time in here with you alone?"

"You have made reference, Judge, to a sworn statement I believe by Mark Judge to the committee, is that correct? It is not a sworn statement is it?"

"It is a statement signed by his lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, it is six cursory and conclusory sentences. Are you saying that is a substitute for an investigation by the FBI, or some interview by the FBI under oath?"

"As a federal judge you always want the best evidence don't you?"

"Is it your testimony that the motivation of the courageous woman who sat where you did just a short time ago was revenge on behalf of a left-wing conspiracy or the Clintons?"

"Let me ask you this, in a speech that you gave at Yale, you described 'falling out of the bus onto the front steps of the Yale law school at 4:45 am?’"

"I need to finish the quote before I ask you the question. I was talking about the quote, you try to 'piece things back together' to recall what happened that night. Meaning?"

"Doesn't that imply to you that you had to piece things back together, you had to ask things that happened that night?"

"Do you believe Anita Hill?"

"If I understand the process correctly, the United States Senate Judiciary Committee has legal authority, if it receives information and an FBI report that it wants to further investigate, the senate has legal authority to conduct further investigations. Is that correct?"

"As I understand it, what happens is, the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has authority under law to conduct those kinds of investigation, follows up on the FBI report to finish out the investigation that it wants with regard to any information it receives that needs further investigation. Is that your understanding of the process?"

"Which of our questions do you think were an embarrassment?"

"Is temperament also an important trait to consider?"

"In your Fox News interview you said that you always treated women with dignity and respect. And that in high school you never drank so much that you could not remember what happened the night before. Would you say the same thing about your college life?"

"Your roommate said, although he was normally reserved, he was a notably heavy drinker even by the standards of the time and became aggressive and belligerent. So is your former college roommate lying?"

"So you were not a sloppy drunk? So your roommate was lying?"

"Did you drink on weekdays in high school, not just weekends?"

"You drank on the weekdays, yes or no?"

"On July 1st he went over for skis? That means brewskis, right?"

"You said clearly, that you never in her life had gaps in memories, no losses whatsoever, never had a faulty recollection about what happened, is that correct sir, yes or no?"

"Are you saying that Dr. Ford's efforts to come forward to prepare for the very difficult testimony she gave today, to travel to Washington, D.C., and tell us about her experience have all been part of an orchestrated political hit, and are you basically calling her some kind of political operative?"

"You have sympathy for her, she's talking about sexual assault, is that correct?"

"Do you realize she never came forward?"

"Do you wish she never came forward?"

"Do you wish she just would have remained silent?"

"You’re not questioning her sense of civic duty, are you?"

"What I'm trying to get to the bottom of, you did not see her as part of an orchestrated political power play?"

"Do you think that people who believe Dr. Ford are legitimizing despicable things? Those of us who think she is a credible witness and the allegations against her are credible, do you think that somehow we are engaging in something despicable?"

"Have you taken a professionally at administered polygraph test as it relates to this issue?"

"Are you willing to ask the White House to authorize the investigation of the claims made?"

"I've heard you say that but I have not heard you answer a very specific question that has been asked, which is, are you willing to ask the White House to conduct an investigation by the FBI to get to whatever you believe it is the bottom of the allegations that have been levied against you?"

"Are you willing to ask the White House to conduct such an investigation because as you are aware, the FBI didn't conduct an FBI investigation into you, before we were aware of these most recent allegations? It's a yes or no, and then we will move on."

"The only difference [between you and Neil Gorsuch] is that you have been accused of sexual assault. How do you reconcile your statement about a conspiracy against you with the treatment of someone who was before this body not very long ago?"

"Do you agree that it is possible for men to both be friends with some women, and to treat other women badly?"

"Did you watch Dr. Ford's testimony?"

"Do you believe in god?"

"I will give you your last opportunity, right here in front of god and country. I want you to look me in the eye. Are Dr. Ford's allegations true?"

"Are Ms. Ramirez's allegations about you true?"

"Are Miss Swetnick’s allegations made by Mr. Avenatti true?"

"None of these allegations are true? No doubt in your mind? Not even a scintilla?"

"You swear to god?"

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