Harry Styles Posted A Selfie In A 1D T-Shirt And Fans Are Absolutely Losing It

Harry Styles, confirmed 1D stan.

One Direction may have officially split up in 2016, but they've lived on in the hearts and minds of their faithful fans ever since.

And that fandom includes, apparently, 1D's very own Harry Styles.

On his Instagram stories Sunday night, Styles posted — and then quickly deleted — a gym pic of himself in an old One Direction T-shirt.

The shirt appears to be from the group's Up All Night tour in 2012 — vintage!!!!

Styles deleted the selfie just moments after posting it, leading fans to speculate he'd intended to share it to his close friends list.

Whenever witnessed the story before he deleted it … welcome to close friends harry styles edition LMFAOOO

Twitter: @aaagoldenline

harry’s close friends story rn probably

Twitter: @knitrry

But screenshots are forever, especially when you're a pop superstar with 48 million Instagram followers.

his ass thinking if he deleted it no one would see it as if we already don’t have it as wallpaper uploaded in every social platform and being printed on several objects as we speak

Twitter: @callitdevotion

me screenshotting his story before he deleted it

Twitter: @alexaamonicaa

Naturally, fans absolutely lost their marbles.

Us, peacefully living our lives Harry Styles casually posting stories:

Twitter: @hsbandflorals

Directioners are deep in their feelings over it.

harry owns and wears old one direction merch in his daily life and takes mirror selfies to show his pals and i’m not okay at all

Twitter: @spinning_again
Twitter: @eggyolkrry

A historic moment, tbh.

“go to hell” is basic. its boring. “i hope you’ll be asleep when harry styles posts a selfie wearing 1d t-shirt” is terrifying. its real, it could happen to you and it happened to so many.

Twitter: @louisissunn

who knew we'd get 2023 larry reunion on the boobs of harry styles

Twitter: @lwttle_freak

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bump "What Makes You Beautiful" and have an existential crisis about how it came out over a decade ago. Byeeeee!

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